I usually focuses on the analysis of media as a technology. I often trying to reinvent the media as a new tool, which is helps to clearly express a personal position reference to time, space and memory.

Ph. D. Remigijus Venckus

media artist & critic


Baltic Appearances – Baltische Erscheinung – media art exhibition

03.03.2018 – Opening show on 3 Маrch, 00:00 pm. Art gallery-project space ‘World in Room’ (Brunhildstraße 7, 10829 Berlin-Schöneberg)

Photography by Klaus W. Eisenlohr, Berlin meets a video work by Remigijus Venckus,  Vilnius, Lithuania. Baltic places are set in relation to figure and space. Venckus confronts his characters with images of a wintry urban landscape in Lithuania. He also appears in the first person in his personality of the artist and shows him in difficult relations to society. In art activities, he usually focuses on the analysis of media and technology. He is doing the best to reinvent the media as a new tool, which helps to clearly express a personal position with references to society, time, space and memory, with the purpose of his creation being questioned of memory and contemporary humanity.

Eisenlohr takes pictures of urban environments in the three Baltic capitals Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn, and he combines photographic triptychs including public images and sculptures. In both works an ambivalence of public figures becomes apparent. The political and social life as part of the European Union, and in debate to the post-soviet experiences appear in different ways in the pictures.

I am Other. For Šiauliai – photography exhibition

02.02.2018 – Opening show on 2 February, 6:00 pm. Public presentation, artist’s talk on 02 February, 5:00 pm. Art Gallery of Šiauliai University (Vilnius st. 141, Šiauliai 76353, Lithuania.

I would like to accept that my photography suggests homosexuality but I can predict that many viewers will find some kind of connection and rebel against it. Unfortunately, viewers resents the images because of themselves without understanding them. To be accurate: works, which can be seen now in the exhibition, are influenced by the nowadays reality. I only bring back the result. There is no myself in the exhibition, so the viewer contacts only the artwork. It would be too rash to think about the erotics of men’s bodies as homosexual or to connect the idea with me. Still, this possible connection proves that distance between artwork and the viewer is very narrow. The viewer finishes the idea himself. There is no me as author in this process, only the artwork – a mirror, which reflects either positive or negative attitudes towards homosexuality. In this case both (you and me) are others.

I am Other. For Kaunas – photography exhibition

26.01.2018 – Opening show on 26 January, 6:00 pm. Public presentation, artist’s talk) on 26 January, 5:00 pm. Všį Artkomas, A. Mapu st. 20. Kaunas, Lithuania

I Am Other was strongly influenced by fragments from the Bible. However, my photos don’t fully-illustrate them. A devouringly deep black color, posture and title transfer the viewer into a text, which is behind the Bible. The body, which can be seen in the photos, and references to the texts of the Apostles consolidate the position of a sexual, fleshy and greedy man. However, it is wrong to think that I am opposing the Bible to my artwork. On the contrary, I am just not able to separate sexuality from belief as it is impossible to believe without having a body.

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